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Possible Complications
Possible Complications
Abortion is considered one of the safest medical procedures for women. With over 125,000 abortions conducted every single day around the world, more than 98% of the patients survive the procedure if it is conducted legally and in a safe environment. However, like every other medical procedure, there is definitely risks involved and complications could arise after the abortion procedure. Listed below are some of the possible complications and how you could spot them.
  • Infection

    An infection could occur to the lining of the uterus and genital track. It may also involve the infection of the reproductive organs and the urinary tract. This could be due to the entry of bacteria during the procedure or the incomplete cleaning of the womb. Bleeding after the abortion procedure is common and could also be the cause of infection.

    Patients who experience dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fever above 38oC for more than 24 hours after the abortion procedure should consult a doctor. Other signs and symptoms include pain and tenderness in the abdomen area. Excessive bleeding and vaginal discharge are definite signs of infection.

    Antibiotics would be administered to patients in the case of infections.

  • Incomplete abortion

    An incomplete abortion is one which only partially successful and there could be remnants of fetus tissue remaining in the womb of the patient. This is usually very uncommon and occurs less than 4% of all the procedures.

    If a patient experiences excessive and persistent bleeding and unbearable pain the abdomen, she should consult the abortion doctor immediately.

    The womb of the patient would first be analysed using an ultrasound scan to locate any remaining foreign tissue left behind in the womb. Once located, a vacuum aspiration would be conducted to remove it.