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Pre-Abortion Considerations


We recognise that the decision of undergoing an abortion is not an easy and hence at our clinic, we strive to maintain the privacy of our patients and also to make this process as painless as possible. We recognize the anxiety of our patients and we hope to put their minds at ease even as they entrust us to close an unhappy chapter of their lives and empower them to move forward.

Pre-Abortion Considerations

  • Legal issues

    Abortion, also known as the Termination of Pregnancy, is legal in Singapore as long as it is done by a certified professional in an approved environment. All these have to be processed and certified by the Health Promotion Board in Singapore. It is also important to take note that according to the Termination of Pregnancy Act enacted in 1974, states that there is:

    -   No defined minimum or maximum age limit
    -   No legal requirement for parental consent for minors under the age of 16
    -   Abortion is prohibited after 24 weeks (6 months) into the pregnancy, unless the life to the pregnant woman is in danger
    -   Foreigners wishing to have an abortion in Singapore needs to be either residing in Singapore for 4 months or more, married to a Singapore citizen, have PR status or have a work permit
  • No. of weeks into pregnancy

    The method of abortion differs depending on the number of weeks into the pregnancy. As the number of weeks increase, there are more steps required in the abortion procedure and there could be more complications involved. As such we advise most patients to have their abortions within the first trimester of their pregnancy.

  • Cost

    We recognise that cost would definitely be one of the consideration factors that would be present when one is deciding to have an abortion. As such, we wish to assist our patients in this matter and state the costs involved, including the maximum claimable from Medisave.

Initial consultation: $200
Anaesthesia: $100
No. of weeks into pregnancy (weeks) Cost Maximum claimable from Medisave
4 - 9 $1400 - $1600 $900
10 - 15 $1500 - $2000 $900
16 - 24 $2000 - $3200 $1050

We wish to inform our patients that the cost reflected only include the cost of the abortion procedure and does not include pre-abortion ultrasound scans and medication.
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